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October 8, 2012 / Mohamed Amged :)

WTFJS عجائب وطرئف الجافا سكربت

I was reading as usual  some blog post or some repository not sure actually I can’t remember, because what I’ve discovers got me far away of this earth. I was reading javascript like I never read before. literally I doubted myself.

I’m talking here about WTFJS blog amazing things there.

Some of these snippets are bugs in the ECMA compiler scheme, but most of snippets are so innovative and gonna blow your mind.

launch your console and try this


var foo = [0];
console.log(foo == !foo);
console.log(foo == foo);

or maybe u should try this out

"3" -+-+-+ "1" + "1" / "3" * "6" + "2"

have you ever got something called “fail” in javascript
then try this and you’ll see

console.log( (![]+[])[+[]]+(![]+[])[+!+[]]+([![]]+[][[]])[+!+[]+[+[]]]+(![]+[])[!+[]+!+[]] )

what about this

var Z = "constructor";

 take a look at this blog and you will see javascript that u never seen before

وعلى رأي حزلقوم دا شيئ لا يتحملة بشر ولا بني ادمين ساعتك
**note: this article wasn’t revised  grammatically (yet) so I’m sorry if there is any kind of errors and I promise I’ll revise it as soon as I got some time time.



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  1. Anonymous / Oct 9 2012 12:34 am

    nice article, keep on Amged :)

  2. Anonymous / Oct 9 2012 12:35 am

    مدونة رائعة تستحق المتابعة


  1. Funny - Most Demanding

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