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May 2, 2013 / Mohamed Amged :)

IE HTML5 Fallbacks (HTML5 on IE6,7,8)


IE HTML5 Fallbacks

Well, I’m gonna getting the subject directly. IE is the worst thing a human being made ever over the time, especially the older versions 6,7&8. HTML5 is so cool but usefulness when you getting to adapt your site with the crappy older ie versions. I found few tools so that can handle these fallbacks, although the performance is gonna effected in an obvious way, but it’s quite solution for this problem to provide a unique user experience over the deffrent platforms and for all users. I’m really humbled to found those amazing tools.
The best tools for IE HTML5 fallbacks:
1. Video
mediaelement.js by John Dyer
swf player that mimics HTML5 media API. Consistent UI across browsers and flash. <track> support.
Amazing video player provided as a service, adapt the player according to the browser and device
2. Audio
Beautiful UI, stable performance and easy to develop
Great solution for multiple user experience apps and great solution, they are really doing great job!!
The idea of audio/video fallbacks is, there is no way to add video/audio to ie nether by vml or js or any thing, there is a small js code for detecting the browser if it’s older than ie9 it loads flash video/audio player and add the file url to play

3. Web Forms
input placeholder
(non-jQuery, works in IE6+, and also now allows for placeholders that don’t disappear on focus)
4. Web Sockets
Server agnostic and supports Sharing connection, WebSocket, Server-Sent Events, Streaming and Long polling.
DataChannel polyfill
Add support for WebRTC DataChannels using a WebSockets proxy server as backend
5. Geo-Location
Mobile-centric: non-standard blackberry and webOS tricks.
6. Application Cache
for HTML 5’s offline API and manifest format, implemented using Google Gears under the cover.
7. HTML5 History API
lightweight and fully standardize compliant implementation of History API with IE6+ support and hashchange implementation.
8. Mark-ups
<details> and <summary>
Pure JS polyfill with DOM API and IE6+ support
<output>, <progress>, <menu>, <command>, <keygen>
Webshims Lib
has support for datalist-element (includes input[list], input[selectedOption], datalist[options]) by Alexander Farkas
<ol reversed>
Polyfill for ‘reversed’ attribute on ordered lists by Louis Lazaris. Also integrates with the ‘start’ attribute, which has 100% browser support.
<style scoped>
Scoped Styles
jQuery Plugin to enable the scoped attribute on style blocks so they only affect their parent element’s children
9. File API
Multiupload: all browsers that support HTML5 or Flash
Drag’n’Drop upload: files (HTML5) & directories (Chrome 21+)
Upload one file: all browsers
Working with Images: IE6+, FF 3.6+, Chrome 10+, Opera 11.1+, Safari 5.4+
10. WebGL
11. DOM
Flow implements DOM3 in IE6
12. CSS3




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