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October 29, 2013 / Mohamed Amged :)

Burger Shooter Game With HTML5 Framework enchant.js


Recently I developed a game with enchant.js framework, actually it’s pretty simple 2D and 3D framework, I’m using canvas for rendering.
I learned it withing a week and I developed the game within 3 hours.

-It’s cross platform (desktop,mobile[andriod, iOS, WP, Symbian….], tablet)

– Intigratable with any mobile SDK like phonegap, titanium… etc.

– High performace

– Maintainable code

You can try it with this link:


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  1. Anonymous / Mar 15 2014 10:49 pm

    Hi Mohamed,

    Isn’t it the test game that M-Biz Global Sent to you its resources and design to make it as a test ?
    as a brother advice, please try to improve it more as it has some issues we found, and you can refer to the resources provider source…

    Best Regards,

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